Legal Area

We advise you on the legal aspects of your company. Drawing up of commercial contracts, planning of the transition from one generation to the next and retirement processes.


  1. Setting up of companies, cooperatives, foundations and associations.
  2. Distribution of profits.
  3. Capital increases and decreases.
  4. Dissolution and liquidation.
  5. Books of minutes and partners.
  6. Drawing up of civil and commercial contracts: rental of business premises, transfer of businesses, loans between partners, transfer of patents and trademarks, provision of services, commercial collaboration agreements, etc.
  7. Bankruptcy strategy.
  8. Purchase and sale of companies.


  1. Regime for unmarried couples.
  2. Retirement pension.
  3. Widow’s/Widower’s pension.
  4. Orphan’s pension.
  5. Inheritance.